9.00 Registration, welcoming coffee and expo

10.00 Greetings from the organiser. Payment solutions market overview and where does Swedbank stand?
Lena Lönn, Head of Acquiring, Swedbank Group

  • What are the developments at payment market: cash vs card, costs for merchants, value added, penetration of cards etc?
  • What is the development of different payment solutions, especially in new areas such as e-commerce, self-service and NFC payments?
10.20 How will the merchants be affected by the impact of interchange regulation?
Jan-Olof Brunila, Deputy Director Group Cards, Swedbank Group
  • What will merchants gain?
  • What will merchants loose?
  • How will the implications of the interchange regulation affect the consumer?
10.50 What are the trends in online shopping?
Jo Lawrence, Senior Relationship Manager, DataCash
Raimonds Ķeris, E-Commerce Product Manager, Swedbank
  • How is the customer behaviour changing?
  • How is the balance between online and off-line retail developing?
  • What are recent interesting case-studies in online shopping?
  • How can Swedbank support online business?
11.30 Break and Expo

12.00 What are near future prospects for payment solutions from security point of view?
Anthony Pickup, Information & Security Director, TickVantage

  • How is authentication keeping up with new payment solutions?
  • What are the payment technologies available and in development?
  • What do merchants need to consider when building their electronic payment systems?
12.30  What are the latest global trends in card payment and acquiring solutions?
Mats Taraldsson, Vice President, MasterCard
  • What are the key trends in payments at European market and how Baltics stand out?
  • How the consumer behaviour is changing and what do you predict for Baltics?
  • What are the innovations MasterCard is involved today?
13.00 Lunch and Expo

14.00 What is the economic situation in Latvia and other Baltic states and an outlook for 2015?
Lija Strašuna, Senior Economist, Swedbank Latvia
  • How has euro influenced Latvian economy on 2014?
  • What is the Baltic economic outlook for next year?
  • What European trends affect our economic environment the most?
  • What are the key developments taking place in Baltic trade and retail?
  • What should Baltic retailers learn from macroeconomic forecasts for 2013-2014?
14.45 What are the worldwide trends and their implication to Baltic retail and hospitality business?
Peter Fisk, Founder, GeniusWorks
  • How is changing consumer behaviour influencing developments in retail business?
  • What innovative retail, both on and off-line concepts there are around today?
  • What do those changes mean to how people pay for their purchases?
  • How international trends relate to developments of retail and hospitality in Baltics?
16.00 Conversation, light snacks, drinks & expo

17.00 Closure of Swedbank Baltic Card Payment Forum 2014