Conference slides

Conference slides

Here you can download the pdf files of slide presentations from the plenary session and workshop day. They are presented "as is" each following the unique style of the presenter. Best consumed with the brochure of the conference and your own personal notes!

Some files are bigger than the others and take more time to open. Please be patient and click the pdf-download icon only once!

Plenary session

How current affairs and innovations affect teaching and learning at IB-Schools?
Åke Sörman
, Development and recognition manager, International Baccalaureate

What do education, innovation and leadership mean in critical circumstances?

Major Tiit Meren, MD, PhD. Cardiovascular surgeon 

The future of voluntary work and how to make the best of it?
Kristina Mänd
, Praxis Academy programme director 

What are the technologies shaping future learning?

Henrik Roonemaa, DIGI Magazine, Editor-in-Chief

How to avoid risks in implementing innovations in education?
Kalev Pihl
, Estonian Certification Centre, CEO

Learning in a Digital Age
Professor Anna Craft
, University of Exeter, Graduate School of Educatio

Workshop day

Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3
Fostering Creativity, Kathleen Naglee, Principal at the International School of Estonia. 
Web-based solutions for schools. Tallinn English College. Paavo Viilup
Social and technological trends. Åke Sörman, Development and recognition manager, International Baccalaureate

Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3
Rosanna Montalbano
IB Schools Liaison
Oxford Study Courses
Broadening access to an IB education through IBCC
Dominic Robeau
IBCC Curriculum & Assessment Manager
Educational challenges in Estonia. Toomas Kruusimägi, Tallinn English College