Stories about how the world is changing sound hollow until they take place in front of you. Rather many Estonian companies who have won business prizes in past, have been forced to change direction, markets or even shut down operations. It happens, but there's a way to prepare organisation for such radical changes.

To cope with radical change you need to be dynamic and adaptable. Easier said than done! Manfed Kets de Vries suggests that the key is in, leadership quality, high performance teams and the quality of relationships in these teams. Not all the executives are great leaders and not all the relations in teams assure high performance.

The good old Schopenhauer story about freezing hedgehogs illustrates it well. When family of hedgehogs feel gold they gather close to each other to keep themselves warm. But if they get too close their thorns start to hurt fellow hedgehog so they withdraw. That means, close relationships in teams do not necessarily provide high performance outputs. HR partners and CEO's need to manage this thin line. Masterclass of Manfred Kets de Vries helps to do just that.
8:30 Morning coffee

9:00 An Introduction to the Life of Groups and Teams
  • How a Group Becomes a Team
  • Swimming in the Relational "Soup"
  • Leadership Coaching and High Performance Teams
10:00 A Psychodynamic Perspective on Individuals and Groups
  • Understanding Individuals in Groups
  • The Secret Life of Groups
  • Into the Cloud: The Phenomenon of the Group-as-a-Whole
10:30 Creating Authentizotic Organizations
  • Toward Systemic Change in Organizations
  • Being an Effective Change Agent
  • The Zen of Group Coaching
  • A Holistic Design for Organizational Interventions
11:30 Q&A

12:00 End of the session

Participation fee EUR 190 + VAT and for PARE members, EUR 150 + VAT. Please register below. There is a free parking behind the Rosen House, Mere Road 6. Please indicate the vehicle registration plate to use this opportunity.


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