Confent is tailoring your event from top to bottom. Together with our clients, exceptional solutions will be found and long-term partnerships are honoured.

In content planning and implementation we:

  • Define the target group
  • Design the message
  • Design the programme of the training or conference
  • Write the programme and marketing texts
  • Find speakers and other trainers and facilitators needed
  • Prepare them for the engagement and brief the expectations
  • Negotiate the best possible financial arrangement from them
  • Organise their logistics and accommodation
  • Plan and implement the marketing campaign
  • Generate creative solutions that increase the impact of the event

In technical planning and implementation we:

  • Find a suitable venue
  • Find and negotiate needed technical equipment
  • Plan and organise catering services
  • Manage the project so that costs are under control
  • Register delegates and if needed, organise their logistics and accommodation
  • Plan detailed scenario for the event
  • Design, produce and compile handout materials
  • Carry out the event according to the scenario

In case You are after highly customized solutions (which is probably the case), don't hesitate to contact us. Mail us!

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