Workshop Session September 17

Workshop Session Programme September 17

Location: Tallinn English College, 10 Estonia Road

9:00-10:00 EXHIBITION

10:00-10:30 OPENING DAY 2

10:30-12:00 WORKSHOPS

Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3
Fostering Creativity, Kathleen Naglee, Principal at the International School of Estonia. 
Web-based solutions for schools. Tallinn English College. Paavo Viilup
Social and technological trends. Åke Sörman, Development and recognition manager, International Baccalaureate
Creativity has often been mistakenly associated only with the Arts in the classroom. This workshop helps to define what creativity means in accordance with the new Bloom's Taxonomy as the highest of critical thinking skills in all subject areas. The workshop will review the meaning and importance of creativity and innovation in the 21st century and the conditions by which teachers can foster divergent and convergent thinking skill practices.

Tallinn English College has developed a unique set of web applications for tracking student progress, enhancing the learning experience and improving communication between students, parents and teachers. In addition to a brief introductory talk on the history, background, and development philosophy of the applications, the workshop will also provide a hands-on experience with the solution; additionally, the participants can try different roles (e.g. teacher, student, parent, head of studies) and will, as a result, receive an authentic user experience

In this workshop Ake Sörman will explore what social and technological developments affect IB schools and how should we respond.


13:00-14:30 WORKSHOPS

Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3
Rosanna Montalbano
IB Schools Liaison
Oxford Study Courses
Broadening access to an IB education through IBCC
Dominic Robeau
IBCC Curriculum & Assessment Manager
Title: To Be Announced

As part of our commitment to the IB community, one of the many ways we offer support is through our school visit programme. The programme aims to assist IB students by helping them to acquire and often perfect the necessary skills and knowledge that are so important when taking the IBDP. Utilising the years of experience we have in IB exam preparation, a variety of carefully constructed presentations have been collated and are delivered by experienced IB teachers to schools worldwide. Each year over 200 schools are visited which enable us to help thousands of IB students worldwide. Students will learn some of the key skills required to succeed in the IB. While some schools often give short courses on similar skill areas, many DP Coordinators recognise that the content has more impact on the students when delivered by an outside speaker.

This short presentation will give you a taste of each of the 9 sessions that we offer as well as an overview of some of the projects we have helped by being a Social Enterprise. 

This session offers an update on IBCC developments, its recent launch and a practical insight from a practitioners perspective. 

To Be Announced



Organizers reserve the right to make changes in the programme.